Take Me Home, Your Conscious Realtor 🗝️

Unlocking the possibilities through real estate opportunities

Join Aliya Lalji and embark on this magical journey towards bringing you home. Your conscious realtor through the enchanted world of home-ownership. Through Aliya’s experience, passion for achieving success for every individuals families and their needs. Let her help you find your dream home and through the process embark on an extraordinary adventure.

World Wide Leadshership

Through the understanding of different economic climate factors, Aliya Lalji through her experience of over 25 years, not only can assist in helping clients navigate through many climates, she is able to see keen opportunities, keep eyes out for all circumstances and situations in order to achieve success in all real estate endeavors, investments, purchases, rentals, world wide and local to Alberta.

Magical Connections

Aliya Lalji, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, brings forth local expertise, and not only with businesses, the real estate market, families, and friends. Strong and lasting relationships with clients are akin to magic. She brings her passion for wanting to makethe art of enchantment to every transaction, ensuring that her clients feel supported, valued, and taken care of throughout their real estate journey.

Diverse Mastery

Aliya’s expertise extends from and beyond real estate. From residential properties to commercial ventures, businesses, franchises, land and development, property management, as well as financial advising and all-encompassing knowledge base, making Aliya an ideal real estate venture, no matter how unique or complex.

Conscious Real Estate: Bridging Dreams Worldwide

Embark on a captivating real estate journey with Aliya Lalji, your trusted guide in unlocking enchanted opportunities across the globe. Our magical expertise bridges dreams and creates a world of extraordinary possibilities. With us, your real estate desires find a place to call home

Magical Solutions: Transforming Your Real Estate Goals

Our real estate agents make the process of buying or selling a home easy. Our teamwork and experience help guide you through the transaction so that you can focus on living your life. Our goal is to help you find your ideal place!

Mortgage Financing

Aliya Lalji has an array of professional resources for suitable finance and mortgage options that align with her clients to the best of their goals. She connects them with trusted lenders to secure competitive rates and favorable terms.

Property Inspection

Aliya arranges for professional inspections to ensure her clients have a comprehensive understanding of a property’s condition before making any decisions.

Lawyer Services

To ensure smooth and legally sound transactions, we A-Z agents would be able to provide under our umbrella, multiple services available for everyone for closing transactions etc.


Aliya Lalji is a licensed insurance agent.She helps her clients make informed decisions about appropriate insurance coverage, safeguarding their homes, properties, investments, TFSA, against unexpected events.

Meet Aliya Lalji

Aliya Lalji understands real estate through conscious real estate.

Your YYC Agent
Aliya Lalji

I specialize in representing buyers and sellers of single family homes and condominiums, as well as investors looking for short-term rentals.

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